I rarely write reviews on Yelp but because of my betterment of life I felt compelled to tell my story. I have seen various therapists at different junctures in my life however none have helped and supported me like Dr Davis. I went thru half my life in and out of depression not knowing why. Dr. Davis was able to bring me into gradual awareness identifying most of the root causes of my depression and also prescribed the right medication that works best for me. Dr Davis treatment modality helped me change my life. He created a safe comfortable environment that gave me strength to face my fears to peel away the onion of sadness. I continue to see Dr. Davis but not as regularly because I am much healthier and happier. In addition, Barbara, his right hand lady is amazing as well. She is thoughtful and always has a smile to offer. She bent over backwards to get me in to see the doctor several times including when I had a crises. I am also grateful for the supportive touch she offers as well. Thank you Dr Davis and staff!!!!