I have been seeing Dr David for almost a year now. He and his receptionist Barb are amazing!

I had been seeing a Dr for my depression/anxiety for a couple years, but realized I needed to see someone for therapy as well. I felt it was very important that whatever Dr was prescribing me medicine should also be the Dr that was treating me with therapy.

When I started seeing Dr D I was having multiple panic attacks a week. He was great at helping me get my attacks under control first, then by weekly therapy sessions we dug into why the attacks were happening. Within about 4 months of seeing Dr D I was off all anxiety meds and haven’t had a panic attack since then.

Now a days Drs are so fast to just give you meds and send you on your way, that’s not Dr D. He uses medicine to help with the issue, but at no point does he just give you medicine to get you on your way. He works with you to find the root cause of you issues, then gives you skills to cope with them in life.

I would recommend Dr D to anyone who wants a great doctor!!