I do not think it is possible for me to be any more impressed with Doctor Davis.

At the risk of oversharing, I have been struggling with depression for nearly 30 years. Due to stubbornness on my own part, fear of the stigma of pharmaceuticals and belief that I could take care of the root cause myself, my depression went untreated.

In the last three decades, I have tried (and continue to do regularly) exercise, healthy diet, meditation, tai chi, kung fu, running, studying philosophy, and keeping a journal. I am fortunate enough to have a great job that I love to do, a wonderful wife who supports and accepts me for who I am, and now a daughter who is absolutely amazing. Given everything going on in my life, and still not feeling happy, I finally decided to seek therapy for the sake of my family.

Doctor Davis is an amazing psychiatrist. I wanted a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist because I believed that my depression was biological, given a family history of it. Sure enough, it was. It took Doctor Davis and I about 4 months and 3 different medications to find the one that works for me. He has a very measured approach to decide what to prescribe, and due to his extensive experience and years in practice, is able to find the right medication and dosage in relatively short order.

Beyond his skills in pharmacology, Doctor Davis is an excellent therapist. Trained in everything from psychoanalysis, to dream therapy and with an interest in Eastern philosophies (among others), he has the ability to relate on multiple levels. I could spend an hour or two a month, for the rest of my life, talking to Doctor Davis and not feel like it was money wasted or time that could have been better spent.

I am now on the right medication, and could not be feeling better. All of those cliches about the “fog lifting” and “coming out of your shell” and “finally being able to be your real self” are cliches for a reason. It is so amazing to come out the other side of three decades of self doubt, depression and despair that had been re-enforced by not being able to “fix it” myself.

Not his own fault, but he is relatively expensive. I have fairly good insurance and he is out of network for me. However the old adage that you get what you pay for holds true. His office manager Barbara is very good at what she does and has always produced a super bill for me that I can submit to my insurance company for reimbursement. They end up reimbursing me approximately 50% of what I pay.

Given the cost of his time, do not waste yours, or his if you are not ready. I only dodged around for a session and a half, and he was willing to let me do it… while at the same time, gently hinting that there might be something I was not comfortable talking about. Therapy really only works if you are 100% OPEN, HONEST and TRUSTING both with yourself, and with your therapist. If you are ready for that, Doctor Davis is the person you want to work with. If you are not, he will get you there.

Having said that, I will leave you with some wisdom that my Sifu gave me.

“Time is the most precious treasure a person will ever receive. No amount of money, no amount of training, no amount of study, nor contemplation will ever bring back even a second of time to a person.”