Many people are afraid of intimacy and closeness so they unconsciously sabotage their romantic
relationships. Others are afraid of being abandoned so they can’t effectively assert themselves. By
discovering and healing the emotional engine responsible for these problems, one can then become
capable of establishing and maintaining fulfilling and healthy romantic relationships.

Problem II-Ineffectiveness

This problem is usually due to an unconscious need to sabotage success so these individuals don’t
achieve their important life goals. By uncovering and bringing the psychological forces responsible for this problem to light and eliminating them, one can become free to succeed, both personally and professionally.

Problem III-Psychological Suffering

Unresolved negative feelings buried within the unconscious mind create chronic anxiety, depression,
conflictual relationships, and numerous other problems. By discovering and then draining this buried
reservoir of feelings, and putting important life experiences that caused these feelings into proper
perspective, one can face the truth within themselves. This process can create psychological freedom,
which can result in lasting peace of mind.

Problem IV-Biological Mental Illness ( e.g.-Major Depressive Disorder)

Dr. Davis has expertise in psychopharmacology. If a patient has a biological mental illness he will prescribe an appropriate medication and monitor it closely. Dr. Davis uses medications within the context of psychotherapy and only when necessary.  He does not treat patients merely with medication.

Frequently Asked Questions
What To Expect On Your First Visit

I meet with patients for about an hour for a comprehensive diagnostic interview. I do this because without a correct diagnosis the treatment is unlikely to succeed. At the end of the first session you should have a good understanding of your most important problem. I will then recommend a personalized treatment plan for you.


Dr. Davis Psychiatry does not currently accept insurance and expects all patients who call are able to pay his appointment rates.

However, we will provide a super-bill which you can send in to your insurance company for partial reimbursement.

Patient Health Questionnaires

Helpful resource. Self-administered screening and diagnostic tools for anxiety and depression.

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Initial Consultation-$400.00
Full Session (45-50 minutes)-$300.00
Half Session-25-30 minutes-$185.00