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Dr. David Davis Psychiatrist, Newport Beach CA

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  • I hold Dr. Davis in the highest esteem. He is a skilled and caring professional, dedicated to serving his patient’s needs. I find him amusing when appropriate and serious when necessary. He has a caring heart and has earned my trust.
  • I had the great good fortune to be recommended to Dr. Davis by my family doctor. He is caring, kind, insightful &, in my case, very successful. In a few months he turned my emotional world around. I’m thankful to have found him & highly recommend him.
  • Dr. Davis has made an immeasurable difference in my life. After many years of struggling with issues he has given me the support and guidance to change my approach and empower me to make informed decisions about my health.
  • Dr.Davis is amazing. After a few sessions he figured out why I was having trouble sleeping and focusing. He ordered a sleep study and we were able to begin finding a solution that required little to no medicine. Additionally, he makes it a point to follow up with you on his own time to make sure things are going as...